Who am I?

December 2001
My name is Pia. Mother of four boys in different ages. Living in our own house with a little garden in a town in the south of Sweden (up in the cold north.) This was my first attempt in making my own webplace and I must say I really enjoyed it! But we had not much time to finish it. The logo, backgrounds (not indexpage) and all photos are of my own production. I want to say thanks to my master C N. He had kindly enough been there  helping and advising even after the webcourse had finished.

During the school year 01-02 I was busy studying upper secondary courses (senior high school courses) at Komvux at Technical School  (a sort of grown-up-education we have in Sweden). I studied following courses: Swedish A, Swedish B, Matematics A, Matematics B, English A, English B, Webdesign, Picturehandling (mostly Photoshop) and also Information and Layout (deeper steps into Microsoft Word). It was very hard sometimes, but also very enjoyable to see that I was doing very good in the competion with 19-year-old classmates, who just had left upper secondary schools! For me it was 28 years ago since I left that school!!

August - December 2002
I spent my time at Komvux, studying these courses: Civics A (don't know if it's the right name for it), English C, German, both step 1 and 2 and Picturehandling (again! Wanted to be better on it, which I also became, recording to my teacher Christer Nilsson *hi hi*)

Januari - June 2003
Another term/semester I coped with these courses: Calculating A+B (on computers), Geography A, Civics B, Psychology A and German step 3.

Those who have been studying at Komvux and then later on started on university/college education, says that is pure holiday comparing to Komvux. That says a lot of the high speed we must have at Komvux. But I wouldn't be without that time for one moment, now when I'm looking back. It was hard but real fun too!


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